donderdag 12 februari 2015

Comics & mini's

Ok so I didn't do alot this week painting wise, was going to get my battle automata painted wednesday but something came up so he's still standing in qeue :p.

Last sunday I went to a crazy doubles tournament for Warhammer 40k together with my brother.
It was the first time since a long time he have been able to play, so we played and in the mean time I was trying to teach him as much as I could and explain why I made certain decisions.

We played quiete straightforward armies, Chaos daemons for me and Chaos Space marines for my brother all Nurgle and moving 12" forward each turn it all sounded good.
Except that every battle we got shot to bits :p, but oh well we had loads of fun.

Orderd some magnetic bases from Back 2 base-ix (company from Australia) for my discs of tzeentch and my screamers for my daemon army i'm trying to get ready.
When I get their materials I will make a little review of it here aswell, if you want to see their product line you can click the link below.

Also bought some pigments from MIG so will make a little review of that aswell

On the comics side this week I've been really excited to read the news that Spiderman is no longer in hands of Sony but back in the loving arms of Marvel Studios.
No I really hope they use him in Captain America Civil war.

As last some pictures from my Orboros army I have painted over the past month.
Haven't decided on what to do with their bases tough

Shifting Stones + overseer


Epic Morvannah aka Goatvannah

See you all next week.

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